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First of all, hypnosis is not how it is portrayed on tv. You cannot be made to do anything you wouldn’t want to do and you won’t say anything you don’t feel comfortable in saying. 


Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural form of treatment for many different issues. It can help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals. often with greater efficiency than many other routes of counselling.


Hypnosis is a very pleasant experience and many people can benefit from being in the deep relaxing state alone.


You are guided into a state of comfortable, deep relaxation and in this state our unconscious mind is receptive to new or alternative perspectives and ideas.


Our unconscious mind’s primary concern is to keep us safe and happy, so using hypnosis we can overcome limiting beliefs, build confidence, energise, motivate and change lives for the better.


Ultimately, because the desire for positive change comes from within yourself and hypnosis facilitates this change, hypnotherapy is a very empowering process.

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